This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Guzzle client for Markus API e.g.

1.1.0 2015-09-09 14:55 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-02-23 23:51:01 UTC


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Guzzle client for Markus Cinema System installations - Used in Baltics, Finland, Iceland and Malta. In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia best known as ForumCinemas chain.

Cinemas list (not complete):

There are more MCS installations (e.g., but not all of them have a public XML API. If you happen to know any working XML URLs - create a pull request.


This guzzle client tries to fix various inconsistencies of XML API, regroup, rename and filter returned results. Basically to make it look like you deal with fine-tuned JSON API.


This library can be installed using Composer. Add the following to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "devmachine/guzzle-markus-client": "1.0.*"


Some terminology explained used in MCS API:

  • area - represents a location of theatres (usually a city),
  • event - represents a movie,
  • show - represents a show time of a movie i.e. theatre, auditorium, movie (event) and date/time of the show.

Sample usage

use Devmachine\Guzzle\Markus\MarkusClient;

$client = MarkusClient::factory('');
$result = $client->areas();


Sample output:

array(4) {
  [0] =>
  array(2) {
    'id' =>
    string(4) "1002"
    'name' =>
    string(21) "Tallinn - kõik kinod"
  [1] =>
  array(2) {
    'id' =>
    string(4) "1008"
    'name' =>
    string(15) "Coca-Cola Plaza"
  [2] =>
  array(2) {
    'id' =>
    string(4) "1005"
    'name' =>
    string(19) "Tartu - Kino Ekraan"
  [3] =>
  array(2) {
    'id' =>
    string(4) "1004"
    'name' =>
    string(18) "Narva - Kino Astri"

API methods

There are no required parameters. Below there is an example with all possible arguments for each method.

use Devmachine\Guzzle\Markus\MarkusClient;

$client = MarkusClient::factory('');

// Get list of locations.
$result = $client->areas();

// Get list of languages.
$result = $client->languages();

// Get list of show dates.
$result = $client->schedule([
    'area' => $areaId // Defaults to first area in the list.

// Get list of article categories.
$result = $client->articleCategories([
    'area' => $areaId // Filter by area.

// Get list of articles.
$result = $client->articles([
    'area'     => $areaId,    // Filter by area.
    'event'    => $eventId,   // When specified "category" parameter has no effect.
    'category' => $categoryId // Filter by category.

// Get list of events.
$result = $client->events([
    'area'            => $areaId,  // Has no effect when "coming_soon" parameter is set to true.
    'id'              => $eventId, // When specified "area" and "coming_soon" parameters have no effect.
    'include_videos'  => true,     // Include video data. Defaults to false.
    'include_links'   => true,     // Include links data. Defaults to false.
    'include_gallery' => true,     // Include gallery data. Defaults to false.
    'all_images'      => true,     // Fetch all available images (except gallery). Defaults to false.
    'coming_soon'     => true      // Show upcoming events. Defaults to false.

// Get list of shows.
$result = $client->shows([
    'area'           => $areaId,      // Defaults to first area in the list.
    'event'          => $eventId,     // Filter by event.
    'date'           => '2014-04-28', // Defaults to today.
    'days_from_date' => 2,            // Amount of days to include from date. Defaults to 1.

Image formats

Accoding to findings MCS API has consistent images naming/dimensions.

Name Portrait Landscape
micro 59x87 88x31
small 99x146 148x100
medium 320x480 310x150
large 480x711 670x250
xlarge 640x948 851x315
hd 720x1280 1280x720
full hd 1080x1920 1920x1080
poster 768x1097 -