Adds fine-grained control over who has access to file and folders.

1.1.12 2019-04-12 02:51 UTC


This version should work with PHP 7.2 and SilverStripe 3.7

Provides an additional Files admin area in the CMS in parallel with the CMS' standard Files admin area. It allows for some "advanced" file and folder features as follows:


  1. Individual permissions to files and folders using the CMS' standard security system
  2. Embargo and expiry on individual files and folders
  3. Individual access to the Advanced Assets CMS admin
  4. Integrates with the Subsites module

Note: 1. and 2. (above) need to be explicitly enabled. See the "Options" section below.


If installed alongside the standard "Secured Files" module, the latter's features and access will be disabled.


The module's features have been broadly broken into 2 components; Embargo / Expiry and Security. Each of these components are able to be individually enabled or disabled via the standard SilverStripe YML configuration system and are disabled by default. To enable them:

  component_security_enabled: true
  component_embargoexpiry_enabled: true


  1. Git Clone
#> git clone
  1. Composer command
composer require deviateltd/silverstripe-advancedassets dev-master
  1. Composer (Manual)

Edit your project's composer.json as follows:

Add a new line under the "require" block:


Add a new block under the "repositories" block:

   "type": "vcs",
   "url": ""

Now run dev/build via the browser or command line - and don't forget to flush.


Component icons courtesy licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0.