LUYA CMS boilerplate to kickstart your project with Verti theme by HTML5UP.

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1.0.0 2017-06-08 10:55 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-09-20 17:52:30 UTC




  • Complete LUYA CMS integration
  • Fully responsive and ready to use
  • Admin area integration
  • Customizable blocks with drag 'n' drop support
  • Multi level navigation included
  • SCSS and Gulp worklfow included


1.) Create project with composer, fork repository or clone from git

Creating a new project from packagist is recommend.

composer create-project dev7ch/vertico

Or you can also clone the git repository into your web root folder.

git clone vertico

2.) Get all dependencies ready for setup via composer

Navigate to the new created project root.

composer install

Find more detailed informations and help at LUYA CMS Install Guide.

3.) Rename distributed config files and create database

Navigate from your project root into the configs/ folder.

cd configs 

cp env.php.dist env.php 
cp env-local-db.php.dist env-local-db.php 

Create a new, empty database and make sure that in configs/env-local-db.php the user and password for the database connection is properly set.

Rename example database in configs folder (optionally):

cp luya_vertico_demo.sql.dist luya_vertico_demo.sql

Import luya_vertico_demo.sql into your previously created database.

Of course you can start without a demo DB but it helps to see and understand the features of this theme.

4.) Run LUYA CMS setup

As all went fine navigate back to your project root and run the LUYA CMS setup commands.

cd ..

./vendor/bin/luya migrate
./vendor/bin/luya import

You could check the health of the cms system like this:

./vendor/bin/luya health

Finally adding a new admin user to your cms is required to log in to the admin interface.

If you imported luya_vertico_demo.sql use:

./vendor/bin/luya admin/setup/user

If you started with an empty database simply run:

./vendor/bin/luya admin/setup

Please have a look at the Luya Guide if you have any problems.

5.) Done! Login to your new Website

If all went fine and no error's shown in Terminal head over to your new website.


Vertico is a modern, fully responsive theme by HTML5 UP.


These frontend libraries are included and available.

» jQuery (yii\web\JqueryAsset)
» Fontawesome Icons
» Skell Responsive Framework


We have created our own NPM Package that includes our gulp workflow.
Inside the resources/ folder, everything is prepared.

cd resources

npm install 
npm install gulp

See zephir/zephir-gulp-workflow for a full documentation of the workflow.



To speed up your local development you can uncomment the following lines in configs/env-local.php in order to use symlinking your assets instead of copy them every run.

'assetManager' => [
    'class' => 'luya\web\AssetManager',
    'linkAssets' => true,

Now all assets will be symlinked and not copied.

This will also enable CSS instant reload provided by browserSync (gulp).