This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Laravel pagination on steroids

1.2.1 2015-03-09 23:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:25:23 UTC


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This package is an extension for Laravel4 pagination module.

It provides new functionalities:

  • route based url generator
  • helpers for template render


To composer.json add: "desmart/pagination": "1.2.*" and then run composer update desmart/pagination.

In app/config/app.php replace line 'Illuminate\Pagination\PaginationServiceProvider', with 'DeSmart\Pagination\PaginationServiceProvider',.


This package should not break compatibility with Laravel pagination module.

Laravel 4.1

To use desmart/pagination with Laravel 4.1 switch to version 1.1.*.

Laravel 4.0

To use desmart/pagination with Laravel 4.0 switch to version 1.0.*.

Method overview

General usage

  • withQuery() - bind query parameters to url generator (by default query parameters are included). Works only for url generating from routes.
  • withoutQuery() - don't bind query parameters
  • route($route[, array $parameters]) - use given route for generating url to pages (it can be route name, or instance of Illuminate\Routing\Route)
  • useCurrentRoute() - use current (active) route for url generating

For templates

  • pagesProximity($proximity) - set pages proximity
  • getPagesRange() - get list of pages to show in template (includes proximity)
  • canShowFirstPage() - check if can show first page (returns TRUE when first page is not in list generated by getPagesRange())
  • canShowLastPage() - check if can show last page (returns TRUE when last page is not in list generated by getPagesRange())

Example usage

In controller

// example route (app/routes.php)
Route::get('/products/{page}.html', array('as' => 'products.list', 'uses' => ''));

// use the current route
$list = Product::paginate(10)
// use custom route
$list = Product::paginate(10)

In view

// app/view/products/list.blade.php

@foreach ($list as $item)
{{-- show item --}}

{{ $list->links('products.paginator') }}

// app/view/products/paginator.blade.php

@if ($paginator->getLastPage() > 1)
  @foreach ($paginator->getPagesRange() as $page)
    {{ $page }}


This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license