Script locking mechanism for Laravel. Enables blocking scripts execution for given period, for example to avoid cron jobs overlapping

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This package allows for easily temporarily locking your scripts execution.

It might come in handy in cases such as CRON jobs that connect with unreliable APIS, where you're not 100% sure if your script won't fail at some point.


This package requires:

  • PHP >= 7.0.0
  • Laravel 5.3 || 5.4


  1. $ composer require desmart/laravel-padlock
  2. Add DeSmart\Padlock\ServiceProvider to your config/app.php:
         * Package Service Providers...
  1. $ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="DeSmart\Padlock\ServiceProvider"
  2. Configure in config/padlock.php - choose between Database and Filesystem driver

Example usage

This package's purpose is to protect your script from being run on multiple threads.

It is useful for long-time backend jobs such as handling queries, or harvesting data from external APIs.

class FooCommand extends \Illuminate\Console\Command
    protected $signature = 'foo:bar';

    protected $description = 'Foo command utilizing Padlock';

    /** @var PadlockHandler */
    private $padlockHandler;

    const PADLOCK_SCRIPT = 'FooCommand';

    /** 30 seconds padlock time to live - after that your padlock will be unlocked */
    const PADLOCK_TTL = 30;

     * FooCommand constructor.
     * @param \DeSmart\Padlock\PadlockHandler $padlockHandler
    public function __construct(\DeSmart\Padlock\PadlockHandler $padlockHandler)

        $this->padlockHandler = $padlockHandler;

    public function handle()
        if (true === $this->padlockHandler->isLocked(self::PADLOCK_SCRIPT, self::PADLOCK_TTL)) {
            echo "Padlock exists, script locked." . PHP_EOL;


        // do your stuff