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Simple laravel helper utilities

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Introduction to Laravel Helpers

Laravel helpers is a very simple utilities class that help with small things like settings classes to html elements.

Install with composer

$ composer require designbycode/laravel-helpers

Set an class of active for links

Set link for navigation to active on page.

<a href="{{ url('/') }}" class='{{ Set::isActive('/') }}'>Home</a>
<a href="{{ url('/') }}" class='{{ set_active('/') }}'>Home</a>

Add custom active classes or change the helpers config file for global changes.

<a href="{{ url('/') }}" class='{{ Set::isActive('/', 'active open' ) }}'>Home</a>
<a href="{{ url('/') }}" class='{{ set_active('/', 'active open') }}'>Home</a>

Set html body class to route name and route name with body prefix

// Example
// <body class="body body-home home">
<body class="{{ Set::bodyClass() }}">
<body class="{{ set_body() }}">

Classes can be added or remove passing 2 arrays. The first array will add classes and the second array will exclude classes.

<body class="{{ Set::bodyClass(['foo', 'bar'], ['body', 'foo-bar']) }}">
<body class="{{ set_body(['foo', 'bar'], ['body', 'foo-bar']) }}">

Config Helpers

Run the following command to publish config helpers to set global class names.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=DesignByCode\Helpers\Providers\HelpersServiceProvider


Laravel UI is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.