Mega menu extension for Contao Open Source CMS

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1.0.7 2019-07-23 10:49 UTC


Contao Plugin that integrates a flexible and adjustable MegaMenu into the Contao CMS.


  1. go to Layout -> Mega menu

Add at least on MegaMenu by clicking "new menu". Inside this menu, you can add Contao content elements.

  1. got to Layout -> Site Structure -> Edit Page

Go to the page Settings of the page, that will contain the mega menu. In the section "Mega menu settings" check "Enable mega menu".

Select on of the Mega Menus you created in step (1.).

  1. got to Layout -> Themes -> Modules -> nav module -> Template

Go to the frontend navigation module that will be used for the mega menu. Select one of the available mega menu templates as "navigation template".

included navigation templates

  • nav_mega_menu_default

simple css full width solution.

  • more to come

custom navigation templates

To customise template, css or js to Layout -> Templates. Click "new template" and select one of the "nav_mega_menu_***" templates, to create you update save copy.

This step is recommended, as adjustments for your theme are very likely necessary.