Mega menu extension for Contao Open Source CMS

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1.1.7 2024-04-22 20:30 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-22 20:44:07 UTC


Contao Plugin that integrates a flexible and adjustable Mega Menu that drops down below the navigation.


  • Different Mega Menus can be added and managed in the Contao Layout section.
    As many as needed.
  • Those Mega Menus can than be assigned to the Pages you need them for in the Contao Page Settings.
    For any page different Mega Menus are possible.
  • In the Themes Naviation Module one of several prepared templates for the Mega Menu can be selected.


  1. Navigate to Layout -> Mega Menu
    Add at least on Mega Menu by clicking "new menu".
    Inside this menu, you can add Contao content elements to build the content of the Mega Menu.

  2. Navigate to Layout -> Site Structure -> Edit Page
    Go to the page Settings of the page, that will contain the mega menu.
    In the section "Mega Menu settings" check "Enable Mega Menu".
    Select on of the Mega Menus you created in step (1.).

  3. Navigate to Layout -> Themes -> Modules
    Go to the frontend navigation module you want to use for the Mega Menu.
    Select one of the available Mega Menu templates as "navigation template".


These Templates are available.

  • nav_mega_menu_default
    Simple css only full width solution.

  • nav_mega_menu_default_noHover_justClick
    Only opens on click, but ignores hover. Javascript is used.

  • nav_mega_menu_default_outside
    Places the Mega Menu outside the navigation html node.\ This prevents the CSS solution to work, Javascript is needed, but not included in this budle.\

    Use Cases of nav_mega_menu_default_outside:

    • place the Mega Menu wherever needed.
    • Transion beetween Mega Menus Contents or move whole Mega Menus around.
  • more Templates when requiered

customize Mega Menu templates

To customize the templates, css or js got to Layout -> Templates. Click "new template" and select one of the nav_mega_menu_*** templates, to create a copy you can build on.