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This is a package to integrate authentication with the OAuth2 client library by The League of Extraordinary Packages.

To install, use composer:

composer require depotwarehouse/oauth2-twitch

Usage is the same as the league's OAuth client, using \Depotwarehouse\OAuth2\Client\Twitch\Provider\Twitch as the provider. For example:

$provider = new \Depotwarehouse\OAuth2\Client\Twitch\Provider\Twitch([
    'clientId' => "YOUR_CLIENT_ID",
    'clientSecret' => "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET",
    'redirectUri' => "http://your-redirect-uri"

You can also optionally add a scopes key to the array passed to the constructor. The available scopes are documented on the Twitch API Documentation.

Note: The provider uses the "user_read" scope by default. If you pass other scopes, and want the ->getResourceOwner() method to work, you will need to ensure the "user_read" scope is used.

if (isset($_GET['code']) && $_GET['code']) {
    $token = $this->provider->getAccessToken("authorization_code", [
        'code' => $_GET['code']

    // Returns an instance of Depotwarehouse\OAuth2\Client\Twitch\Entity\TwitchUser
    $user = $this->provider->getResourceOwner($token);


You can quickly test that the package works by adding client information (from your account) to config/config.php and then starting up a php server

cd test/
php -S localhost:8000

Now, navigating to http://localhost:8000 should present an OAuth flow and then dump your user information.