Project template for Polaris projects with composer

3.1.1 2022-07-06 16:06 UTC


This project template should provide a kickstart for managing your site dependencies with Composer.

Creating new sites

First you need to install Composer and Git.

Creating the project:

composer create-project dennisdigital/polaris-drupal-project:^3.0.0 polaris --stability dev --no-interaction

If you want to check out a different version of the profile or any contrib module:

cd polaris && composer require dennisdigital/polaris:dev-[BRANCH]

If you want to run the docker image locally:

docker run -v ./[LOCAL_FOLDER]/:/var/www/polaris --rm --name polaris -p 8080:80 -d dennisdigital/drupalci:8-apache-interactive

This is useful when you want to work on the project and test changes locally. You can ssh inside the container and run the same commands as in .circleci folder.

docker exec -it polaris sh

If you want to see the site, browse http://localhost:8080

Running phpunit tests inside the container

cd /var/www/polaris

Installing Polaris

Create project will install Polaris into the web directory. You can now install Polaris as you would with any Drupal 8 site. See: Drupal installation guide. The folder name should be the repo name without -cms: Repo name: itpro-cms, folder name itpro. If you are using the Polaris Vagrant box you can run the command on /var/www/html folder. Then visit See the Readme of the Vagrant box for more info.

Installing the profile

cd /var/www/html/polaris
make site-create

This will run a site installation, initialize git and export the config.

Login into site

Login into site and add an administrator account with username: admin and password: {the usual one} which can be shared with the team for development purposes.

Commit your files

Now you need to commit your files. Remember to export a db dump.