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Laravel Search Engine

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#Laravel Search Engine

Maybe that's a little exaggerated, since i've build this library for just one project i was building. However it worked like a charm, so I've decided to publish it.


composer require denismitr/search


$records = Search::query('some query string or strings go here')

Now here is the tricky part: there are two abstract searcher classes SimpleSearcher and RelationalSearcher from which to inherit all the searcher classes and a common interface Searchable to implement. SimpleSearcher is of course for simple Eloquent model search and RelationalSearcher for when a relationship invloved.


namespace App\Queries;

use App\Post;
use Denismitr\Search\Searchable;
use Denismitr\Search\Searchers\SimpleSearcher;

class TitleSearcher extends SimpleSearcher implements Searchable
    //Here you specify a Eloquent model class which you search and the collection of which you whant to get
    //as a return of the search
    protected $model = Post::class;

    //Here you specify the field you in which to search
    protected $searchField = 'title';

and another more complex RelationalSearcher for searching parent models like topics of a post like so:


namespace App\Queries;

use App\Post;
use App\Topic;
use Denismitr\Search\Searchable;
use Denismitr\Search\Searchers\RelationalSearcher;

class TopicNameSearcher extends RelationalSearcher implements Searchable
    protected $model = Post::class;
    protected $searchField = 'name';

    //Here you specify the Eloquent relational methods (that return hasMany or belongstoMany)
    protected $relation = 'topics';

Than you put all that stuff in the withSearchers method of the Search class and you are good to go.

##Attention Every Search instance on get() returns a collection of single Eloquent model filtering out all duplicates. If you need to output results for whole different unrelated tables you'll need more than one Search instance and more sets of Searchers. I know it's a bit tidious. If I have more time I'll turn this into something more convinient. And also if you need pagination at this point you have to do it manually. With Laravel it's easy.