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Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet API Functionality for Zend Framework 2

v0.1 2013-05-24 00:21 UTC


Install via composer: "delboy1978uk/del-bitcoin": "dev-master"

Zend Framework 2 Bitcoin module using the Blockchain API

So whats in v0.1?

Service for connecting to Blockchain API

View Helper to display balances

Example use - Wallet Balance View Helper


Service commands:

public function getWalletBalance($address);

public function sendBitcoin($from,$to,$amount,$fee = 50000, $note = null);

public function sendMultipleTransactions($from,$recipients,$fee = 50000, $note = null);

public function listWalletAddresses();

public function generateNewAddress($label = null);

public function archiveAddress($address);

public function unarchiveAddress($address);

public function autoConsolidateAddresses($days);