CSV for ConvertX: provides CSV import routines.

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ConvertX is a partly commercial extension for Contao Open Source CMS ( For more info or support see

Author: Christian de la Haye,


With ConvertX you can configure, store and run import jobs in Contao tables (and other mySQL tables as well) from other internal tables, csv files and other pre-defined data formats.


The following Contao extensions are needed to run ConvertX:


Almost all files of it are licenced to the LGPL. See the docs-directory for a copy of the license. Some parts of the extension needed to perform import runs are under a commercial license. Those files are marked so in their file header and normally riside in the directory TL_ROOT/system/modules/convertx/classes/Delahaye/ConvertX. See the docs-directory of the main extension for details about the license.

This way of licensing allows a professional development of the extension as well as your ability to modify it the way you need it for your project.