Backup Manager for Streams Platform

v1.0.3 2017-06-16 23:50 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-15 10:52:48 UTC


Streams Platform Addon. backup_manager-module for PyroCMS.

A graphical user interface (GUI), allowing you to backup PyroCMS database by addon.


  • Backup your database (full DB only with artisan command);
  • Select addons you would like to create a backup of;
  • Easily restore database and tables;
  • Storing data in JSON format.


Step 1


$ composer require defr/backup_manager-module

Either, add to require section of composer.json:

    "defr/backup_manager-module": "~1.0.0",

Run composer update command, which will install module to the core folder!

Step 2

Then you would need to install module to PyroCMS

$ php artisan module:install backup_manager


$ php artisan addon:install defr.module.backup_manager


Create a backup from Conrol Panel

  • Click the menu item "Backup Manager".
  • Then click the button "Create a dump".
    • Enter the name of the backup you are to create.
    • Select addon to backup.
  • Press save and you are done.

Restore a backup

  • Click the menu item "Backup Manager".
  • In the table, click restore button of backup you would like to restore.

Using artisan

Creating a dump

$ php artisan db:dump
  • Usage: db:dump [options]

  • Options: --connection[=CONNECTION] DB connection to use. --tables[=TABLES] Tables to include in the dump. --addon[=ADDON] Addon, in dot notation.

    Without any options it will create dump of all tables

Dumps listing

$ php artisan dump:list
  • Usage: dump:list