A library to store text diffs in a db & provide convenience utilities on top of decatur-vote/text-diff

v1.0.x-dev 2023-11-01 15:07 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-30 01:00:16 UTC


A simple database library for storing diffs and rewinding to previous versions (or fast forwarding FROM old version).

Uses decatur-vote/text-diff for generating diffs and taeluf/big-db for database migrations, orm, and stored queries.

For additional database & diff functionality, see the above libraries. DiffsDb is a very simple wrapper around them.


Probably ready to use? Not a lot of features (it's supposed to be quite simple). Tests passing (though, tests are not very thorough). Has not been tested in the wild.


composer require decatur-vote/diffs-db v1.0.x-dev   

or in your composer.json

{"require":{ "decatur-vote/diffs-db": "v1.0.x-dev"}}  


  • See Usage below for most use cases.
  • TextDiff orm class
  • DiffsDb base class for the database layer (for BigDb). Contains the helper functions store_diff, and forward/backward.
  • text_diffs.sql the sql used within this library
  • Text Diff Library - for any manual text diff management
  • BigDb Library - for more info about working with the database. You can always just use your PDO instance, too.

Initialize the Database

Run this command in your CLI

bin/diffs-db create-db -pdo path/to/pdo.php  

You MUST create the file path/to/pdo.php and have it return a PDO instance. The table will be created with that instance.


This is basically everything.

$pdo = new \PDO(...);  
$diffDb = new \DecaturVote\DiffDb($pdo);  
$diffDb->migrate(0,1); // initialize the database  
// these 3 args are your responsibility, and can be used in your own custom queries however you wish.  
$uuid = uniqid(); // up to 64 chars  
$permission = 'public';  // up to 32 chars  
$extra = 'Descriptive text, not intended for machine use. permission is intended for machine uses'; // up to 256 chars  
// store_diff() returns a \DecaturVote\DiffDb\TextDiff object & INSERTs into database  
$diff1 = $diffDb->store_diff('original', 'first change', $uuid, $permission, $extra);  
$diff2 = $diffDb->store_diff('first change', "first change\nsecond change", $uuid, $permission, $extra);  
$diff3 = $diffDb->store_diff("first change\nsecond change",  "third change", $uuid, 'private', $extra);  
// get all diffs for the uuid.  
$diffs = $diffDb->get_diffs($uuid);  
// $diffDb->get_diffs($uuid, 'public'); # if you only want public diffs - Useful for displaying diffs to end-users, bad for converting text.  
// get your original text  
$original = $diffDb->backward("third change", $diffs);  
// use the original text + diffs to get the latest text  
$latest = $diffDb->forward('original', $diffs);  
// Only go back by one diff  
$back_one = $diffDb->backward("third change", array_slice($diffs,-1));  

You can also use the TextDiff orm as you please. It's basically just properties for each database column.

Development Notes

  • Uses taeluf/tester. run tests with phptest
  • Uses taeluf/code-scrawl. Generate updated documentation with vendor/bin/scrawl. Edit docs in .docsrc, NOT in docs/ or the root