A simple extension of the PHP \DirectoryIterator class

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A simple extension of the PHP \DirectoryIterator class

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    "require": {
      "dcarbone/directory-iterator-plus" : "@stable"


I had a need to be able to, relatively quickly, create a web interface which allowed the navigation of a directory of thousands of files.

I did not want to glob() my way through them, and I wanted a simple way to paginate and search through them.

This class met that need.


This class is an extension of the base PHP class DirectoryIterator and as such has all the same methods available, and to a great extent it's functionality is unchanged.

New Methods

I have provided several custom methods, most of which revolve around either getting a subset of files or determining the existence of a file within a directory

File and Directory Counting

You may retrieve these values after instantiation by calling getFileCount() or getDirectoryCount() methods.

I used to do some exec nonsense, but now I just be lazy and use glob.


There are several options available to you:

  • Determine existence by exact file / directory name
    • containsFile($file)
    • containsDirectory($directory)
  • Determine existence by string search term
    • containsFileLike($string[, $caseInsensitive = false])
    • containsDirectoryLike($string[, $caseInsensitive = false])
  • Get Count of files / directories by search term
    • getFileCountLike($string)
    • getDirectoryCountLike($string)

Each of the "Like" methods utilize PHP's stripos function to determine if the passed value is contained wholly somewhere inside of the filename of a given file / directory.

File Pagination

There are currently two Pagination methods available:

  • paginateFileNames([$offset 0[, $limit = 25[, $search = null]]])
  • paginateFiles([$offset 0[, $limit = 25[, $search = null]]])

These methods are designed to operate similar to any other pagination code used against a database.

The $search term again uses the PHP stripos method to determine matches.

The primary difference between these two methods is the contents of the returned array.


This method will return an array of file names that match the input criteria


This method will return an array of \DCarbone\DirectoryIteratorPlus objects, each representing an individual file.

Comments and Suggestions

If you find this library useful and have an idea of how it can be made better, please let me know!