Object wrapper for PHP's CURL Library

2.1.1 2016-01-25 18:53 UTC


A simple wrapper around PHP's cURL implementation. It does not do anything magical, and is intended to be as simple as possible

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For convenience, I have provided two primary methods for usage within your application. You can of course use whatever mechanism you prefer for loading classes into your app.

Inclusion in your Composer app


"dcarbone/curl-plus" : "2.1.*"

To your application's composer.json file.

Learn more about Composer here: https://getcomposer.org/

Inclusion in Non-composer app

In case you do not wish to use Composer to manage your dependencies, I have included an AutoLoader class for your convenience.

Copy the /src directory to your location of choice, then execute:

require '/path/to/curl-plus/src/CurlPlusAutoLoader.php';



There are two ways you can use this library:

  1. The CURL Helper
  2. The CurlPlusClient


  1. More tests.
  2. More documentation.
  3. Implement request-sensitive response classes.


If you have any suggestions or criticisms of this library, things I could do to make it more useful for you, etc, please let me know.

I always enjoy a good challenge :)