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Sanitizer Package

Sanitizers can be used to standardize data to ease validation, or provide data consistency.

Basic Usage

First construct a rules array.

$rules = [
    'name'      => 'trim',
    'email'     => 'trim|strtolower'

Rules can contain either callable functions, or the name of a sanitizer binding (more later). You can use either a pipe | or an array to specify multiple sanitization rules.

The sanitizer can be executed in the following fashion.

$sanitizer = new Sanitizer;
$sanitizer->sanitize($rules, $data);

Here's a full example.

// Construct rules array.
$rules = [
    'name'      => 'trim',
    'email'     => 'trim|strtolower'

// Data array to be sanitized.
$data = [
    'name' => ' Dayle ',
    'email' => ''

// Construct a new sanitizer.
$sanitizer = new Sanitizer;

// Execute the sanitizer.
$sanitizer->sanitize($rules, $data);

Here's the content of $data after execution.

    'name' => 'Dayle',
    'email' => ''

Using the Laravel facade, the syntax can be made a little cleaner.

Sanitizer::sanitize($rules, $data);

Sanitize a single value like so.

$rules = 'trim|strtolower';
$data = '  Dayle';

Sanitizer::sanitizeValue($rules, $data);

Here is the value returned.


Custom Sanitization Rules

Sanitizers can be added multiple ways.

Using a Closure.

Sanitizer::register('reverse', function ($field) {
    return strrev($field);

Using a Callback.

Sanitizer::register('reverse', [new ClassHere, 'method']);

Using a class/method pair.

Sanitizer::register('reverse', 'Namespace\Class\Here@method');

The class will be resolved through an instance of the Illuminate IoC container, if no method is provided then sanitize() is assumed.


The Sanitizer package can be used stand-alone or with the Laravel Framework.


First include the sanitizer package.

"daylerees/sanitizer": "dev-master"

Now simply use the Sanitizer class.

use Rees\Sanitizer\Sanitizer;

With Laravel

Include the Service Provider class within the app/config/app.php file.

'providers' => array(

Now simply add the facade alias.

'aliases' => array(
    'Sanitizer' => 'Rees\Sanitizer\Facade'