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NiceAdminBakeTheme plugin for CakePHP

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3.1.0 2019-06-25 10:51 UTC

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A custom theme using Twitter Bootstrap to bake admin templates in CakePHP 3, using the CakePHP Bake plugin.


  • CakePHP 3
  • PHP 5.6+

What is it?

This is a theme for the CakePHP/Bake plugin which will customise the code which is generated. I've made it because I don't like the default bake theme, or the fact that it outputs the actions sidebar.

Plus I tend to use Twitter Bootstrap to make my admin areas so this theme will leverage that front-end framework.


You should install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

The recommended way to install composer packages is using,

composer require davidyell/nice-admin-bake-scripts


In your config/bootstrap.php you'll need to load the plugin with Plugin::load('NiceAdminBakeTheme');

In your admin layout, you'll need to include the theme and javascript if you're using Twitter Bootstrap. This snippet also includes jQuery, so if you've already loaded that, please remove that line.

// In the head of your layout
<?= $this->Html->css([
]) ?>

// Before your script block
<?= $this->Html->script([

Optional extras

If you want to use Twitter Bootstrap for all your forms be sure to enable friendsofcake/bootstrap-UI in your application and loading the helpers in your src/View/AppView.php. Find out more about installing bootstrap-ui in their readme.

This can be easily coupled with the friendsofcake/crud plugin to pretty much make an entire basic admin in around 5 minutes!

A basic stylesheet is included to fix some minor things. You can symlink the stylesheet into your own webroot/css and include it from there, using

$ bin/cake plugin assets symlink NiceAdminBakeTheme

Of if you want to create the link manually cd webroot/css && ln -s ../../vendor/davidyell/nice-admin-bake-scripts/webroot/css/nice-admin.css.


The theme should be available when you are baking. You can check this by just running a bake command with -h and checking the available themes listed in the --theme option help. If you don't see it make sure you've loaded the plugin.


bin/cake bake controller --theme=NiceAdminBakeTheme Examples


bin/cake bake template --theme=NiceAdminBakeTheme Examples

Prefixed templates

bin/cake bake template --theme=NiceAdminBakeTheme --prefix=Admin Examples

Example layout, elements and dashboard

A basic admin layout, dashboard and navigation elements are included in the plugin. Which you can symlink, extend, or copy into your project as you see fit.

If you want to link to the styles. echo $this->Html->css(['nice-admin']);

However it's preferable to use a symlink.

$ bin/cake plugin assets symlink NiceAdminBakeTheme

⚠️ These elements are optional, and do not provide a completed admin. You will need to customise this to suit your needs.

Changes to standard bake

  • Removed the _serialize from the controllers
  • Removed the actions sidebar from all templates
  • Formatted tables with Bootstrap
  • Added a 'New' button to the top of tables
  • Add basic filter form to index templates
  • Tidied up the pagination
  • Made the Actions column links into buttons
  • Added handling for date, datetime and time using the Time helper
  • Added handling for boolean data using Bootstrap icons
  • Updated the View template to use Bootstrap panels
  • Spaced out the Table definition functions
  • Added classes to the columns in index templates
  • Lists are now ordered
  • Index pagination is done with a query


See license.md