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Handlebars helpers for xamin/handlebars (https://github.com/XaminProject/handlebars.php)

dev-master 2014-10-16 13:11 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-06 06:24:25 UTC


I'm collecting here some xamin/handlebars.php helpers that I find useful.

#Installation Of course, you need (xamin/handlebars)[] to use this helpers. Fortunately, if you install via composer, dependencies are automatically handled:

composer require davideorazio/handlebars.php-helpers:dev-master

otherwise, just update your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "davideorazio/handlebars.php-helpers": "dev-master",

and run composer update.


In order to use the helpers, you need to register them into your Handlebars instance:

//Use include statements, or use the full namespace and class name below
use DavideOrazio\HandlebarsHelpers\DateHelper;
use DavideOrazio\HandlebarsHelpers\StringFormatHelper;
use DavideOrazio\HandlebarsHelpers\EachUpToHelper;
use DavideOrazio\HandlebarsHelpers\CountHelper;
use DavideOrazio\HandlebarsHelpers\VarDumpHelper;

//Just a instance creation example
$engine = new Handlebars(array(
            'loader' => new \Handlebars\Loader\FilesystemLoader(array('path/to/folder/one','path/to/folder/two')),
            'partials_loader' => new \Handlebars\Loader\FilesystemLoader(
                    'prefix' => '_'

//Here you register your helpers
$engine->addHelper('Date',new DateHelper());
$engine->addHelper('StringFormat',new StringFormatHelper());
$engine->addHelper('EachUpTo',new EachUpToHelper());
$engine->addHelper('Count',new CountHelper());
$engine->addHelper('VarDump',new VarDumpHelper());

##DateHelper Formats a date in day-month-year

{{#Date yourDateVar}}

##StringFormat A simple wrapper for PHP's sprintf.. (currently for one var only)!

{{#StringFormat "your variable string: %s" yourVar}}

##EachUpTo Allows you to loop through yourVar, but specifing a maximum number of items (upperLimit)

{{#EachUpTo yourVar upperLimit}}

##Count Just prints the count of an array

{{#Count yourArray}}

##VarDump Prints a var_dump of the variable

{{#VarDump yourVar}}