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ReactPHP WebServer for use with the Laravel 5.2 framework.

dev-master 2016-01-27 03:57 UTC

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Last update: 2022-08-06 07:00:58 UTC


Simple ReactPHP HTTP server that serves Laravel 5.2 applications.

Installation and Usage

You can either clone the repository or install it globally via Composer:

Globally via Composer (reccomended)

composer global require david-cole/react-laravel
# Make sure ~/.composer/vendor/bin is in your PATH
react-laravel <path-to-laravel> [port=8080] [ip=] [loglevel=info]

Cloning the Repository

git clone https://github.com/uniquoooo/ReactLaravel.git
cd ReactLaravel
composer install
./react-laravel <path-to-laravel> [port=8080] [ip=] [loglevel=info]