Push notifications to Apple devices

v3.0.0 2016-12-26 14:37 UTC


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Send push notifications to apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).


Now library work only with HTTP/2 protocol, and next libraries is necessary:

  • cURL
  • The protocol HTTP/2 must be supported in cURL.


Add AppleApnPush in your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "apple/apn-push": "~3.0.0"

Now tell composer to download the library by running the command:

$ php composer.phar update apple/apn-push

Easy usage

You can use builder for create sender for next send push notifications to device:


use Apple\ApnPush\Certificate\Certificate;
use Apple\ApnPush\Protocol\Http\Authenticator\CertificateAuthenticator;
use Apple\ApnPush\Sender\Builder\Http20Builder;
use Apple\ApnPush\Model\Alert;
use Apple\ApnPush\Model\Aps;
use Apple\ApnPush\Model\Payload;
use Apple\ApnPush\Model\Notification;
use Apple\ApnPush\Model\DeviceToken;
use Apple\ApnPush\Model\Receiver;
use Apple\ApnPush\Exception\SendNotification\SendNotificationException;

// Create certificate and authenticator
$certificate = new Certificate(__DIR__.'/cert.pem', '');
$authenticator = new CertificateAuthenticator($certificate);

// Build sender
$builder = new Http20Builder($authenticator);

$sender = $builder->build();

// Create payload
$alert = new Alert('hello ;)');
$aps = new Aps($alert);
$payload = new Payload($aps);

// Create notification
$notification = new Notification($payload);

$receiver = new Receiver(
    new DeviceToken('6b4d687c1292f1ff05b5653951be4e5f838ce6d39d6b1be1801fe8dcc35713c9'),

try {
    $sender->send($receiver, $notification);
} catch (SendNotificationException $e) {
    print 'Fail send message: '.$e->getMessage()."\n";


This library is under the MIT license. See the complete license in library


Reporting an issue or a feature request

Issues and feature requests are tracked in the Github issue tracker.


Thanks to [everyone participating] (https://github.com/ZhukV/AppleApnPush/graphs/contributors) in the development of this AppleApnPush library!