v1.0.0 2014-04-13 03:18 UTC


Various utilitiy classes


Yet another environment utility class. Once it is setup with map of environment names to (array of) regular expression(s) to compare server HTTP host to, it provides a couple of methods to check where are we executing code. Environments can tagged as debug.

With no setup provided production environment is considered default, and development is tagged as debug.

It is considered that HTTP host belongs to a single environment, and setup ordering defines precedence if a host name matches multiple regular expressions.

Class also provides methods to check if we are running in CLI or Web. HTTPS checker is available as well.

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use DatingVIP\utils\Env;

Env::setup ([
	'development' => ['/\.dev$/', '/\.test$/'], // just to display multiple regexes
	'staging' => '/^dev-/',
	'scary' => '/^hitchcock/',
	'production' => '/\.com$/',

var_dump (Env::isDevelopment (''));
var_dump (Env::isStaging (''));
var_dump (Env::isScary ('')); // not production, precedence
var_dump (Env::isProduction (''));

if (Env::debug ())
	// i can haz debug!

if (Env::isHTTPS ())
	// much secure

if (Env::isCLI ())
	// type type type