Magento2 module to embed DataReporter WebCare elements (imprint, privacy notice, cookie banner)

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1.3.8 2024-03-07 07:25 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-07 07:56:20 UTC


Magento 2 PHP >= 7.0.13

Magento2 module to embed DataReporter WebCare elements (imprint, privacy notice, cookie banner)


The easiest way to install the extension is to use Composer.

Run the following commands:

  • $ composer require datareporter/module-webcare
  • $ bin/magento module:enable DataReporter_Core (if not already installed and enabled)
  • $ bin/magento module:enable DataReporter_WebCare
  • $ bin/magento setup:upgrade && bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy



Use class \DataReporter\WebCare\Block\ImprintBlock or embedd into CMS-Page/Block as Widget named 'WebCare - Imprint'

Privacy Notice

Use class \DataReporter\WebCare\Block\PrivacyNoticeBlock or embedd into CMS-Page/Block as Widget named 'WebCare - Privacy Notice'

Cookie Banner

All needed blocks are placed within the layout-xml default.xml.

If you need to add correct cookie handling if something was denied or allowed, contribute a js content to the container

datareporter.webcare.cookiebanner.allow-handling or datareporter.webcare.cookiebanner.deny-handling


  • URL for the Webcache-Server, normally this is if the DataReporter-Suite is not self hosted
  • Add Store configured language to the resource calls to override any other default language settings in DataReporter
  • En-/Disabling of the Imprint-, Privacy Notice- and Cookie-Banner-Block to seperatelly controll if they are used
  • En-/Disabling of Cookie Banner Custom Options, the default is no, as the standard method delivered by DataReporter are handling the denying of cookies quite well.

alt configuration


  • Widget selection within a CMS-Page/Block:

alt widget selection

  • Enhancing cookiebanner functions:

Create your own module or adapt your themes default.xml and add following block instruction:

<referenceContainer name="datareporter.webcare.cookiebanner.allow-handling">
    <block name="test-cookiebanner-allow" class="Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template" template="cookiebanner/test.phtml"/>
<referenceContainer name="datareporter.webcare.cookiebanner.deny-handling">
    <block name="test-cookiebanner-deny" class="Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template" template="cookiebanner/test.phtml"/>

Content of test.phtml:

console.log('current status for cookies('+chosenBefore+'): '+status);

This will output the status of the cookie banner user interaction and all according actions and adaptions can be made to comply with the GDPR according to cookies

Adding a custom redirect handling:

In the extended cookie banner with the corresponding selection of different pages (e.g. for languages) a callback function can be registered. This is used in Magento to correctly redirect the user to the according storeview with magento internal redirects (to correctly set and transfer data from one storeview to another). This feature can be activated in the configuration: Stores -> configuration -> DataReporter -> Settings -> WebCare -> Enable Cookie Banner custom redirect after consent

Custom behavior can be added by disabling the default block and adding a custom one with another logic:

<referenceContainer name="datareporter.webcare.cookiebanner.redirect-after-consent">
    <block name="test-cookiebanner-redirects" class="Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template" template="cookiebanner/test.phtml"/>
<referenceBlock name="datareporter.webcare.cookiebanner.storeswitch-redirect" remove="true"/>


Use following Demo-Credentials if you wanna try out the module, see Privacy -> Configuration

  • Client-Id: 33f002cc-2586-42b6-987d-548b2953c7b8
  • Organisation-Id: R5spy6ZYDqA