Twig extension for data URI ; Converts data to the data URI Url scheme (RFC 2397)

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This is an extension for Twig Templating engine

This extension makes easy to use the dataURI scheme as specified in RFC 2397.

Be carefull, as explained in the RFC, it can not be used as a replacement for traditionnal URI sources all the time. DataURI scheme is length limited and can not handle all files / ressources.


This extension requires PHP 5.3.2.

Download and Install composer, then add this to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "data-uri/twig-extension": "dev-master"

Then, register the extension in your twig environment:

$twig->addExtension(new \DataURI\TwigExtension());


DataURI extension works with stream ressource, scalar value, binary string, or a pathname for a file.


$twig->render('<img title="hello" src="{{ image | dataUri }}" />', array('image' => '/path/to/image.jpg'));

will render something like:

<img title="hello" src="...SUhEU==" />


$file = fopen('/path/to/image.jpg', 'r');
$twig->render('<img title="hello" src="{{ image | dataUri }}" />', array('image' => $file));

Binary string

$file = file_get_contents('/path/to/image.jpg');
$twig->render('<img title="hello" src="{{ image | dataUri(true, \'image/jpeg\') }}" />', array('image' => $file));


DataUri can take up to 3 parameters:

dataUri(strictMode, mimeType, parameters)

strictMode default value us true mimeType default value is null (autodetected when passing a pathname) parameters is an array of key/value parameters

###Unlock data length restriction

As said above, the RFC is quite strict on the output max length. By default, the extension is 100% RFC compliant and the extension will log warnings if you render data too large, but you can unlock the limit with the first option of the filter:

$twig->render('<img title="hello" src="{{ image | dataUri(false) }}" />', array('image' => '/path/to/BIGPICTURE.jpg'));

note: If you display errors, warning message will result in Twig throws Twig_Error_Runtime exception.

Example Mimetype

$file = fopen('bunny.png', 'r');
$twig->render("{{ file | dataUri(false, 'image/png') }}", array('file' => $file));

will render something like:


Example Parameters

$json = '{"Hello":"World !"}';
$twig->render( '{{ json | dataUri(false, "application/json", {"charset":"utf-8"}) }}', array('json' => $json));

will render:



This extension is released under the MIT License