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PHP Coding Standard Validator

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Flitch - PHP coding standard validator

Flitch is a coding standard validator for PHP, meant as a replacement for
PHPCS. It is partly based on PHPca <https://github.com/spriebsch/phpca> by
Stefan Priebsch, but should not be confused with a fork of it.

Flitch will scan through your source files and detect coding standard
violations. Currently it ships with PSR-1 and PSR-2 as core standards, but can
be extended by custom standards.

Why replace PHPCS?
Since this question came up a few times already, here is a list of reasons:

- PHPCS is known to be a memory hog.
- It is not trivial to write complex rules for PHPCS.
- It is complicated to write unit tests for rules.
- Flitch is written completly modular, so it can be reused in other
- Last but not least, competition is a good thing.

Adding custom standards
Custom standards should be located in the directory .flitch/standards
in your home directory.

To install Flitch, simply clone it with git. Additionally you can symlink the
"flitch" executable to a directory in your PATH.

Using Flitch
For command line options, run flitch --help