An immutable IP Address value object that provides several different notations, including helper functions.

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4.1.0 2022-05-19 09:01 UTC


IP is an immutable value object for (both version 4 and 6) IP addresses. Several helper methods are provided for ranges, broadcast and network addresses, subnet masks, whether an IP is a certain type (defined by RFC's), etc.

This project aims for simplicity of use and any contribution towards that goal - whether a bug report, modifications to the codebase, or an improvement to the accuracy or readability of the documentation - are always welcome.


Full documentation is available in the docs/ folder.

Code of Conduct

This project includes and adheres to the Contributor Covenant as a Code of Conduct.


This library is fairly similar to how it was in 3.3.1; the main differences are:

Brief Example


use Darsyn\IP\Exception;
use Darsyn\IP\Version\IPv4;

try {
    $ip = IPv4::factory('');
} catch (Exception\InvalidIpAddressException $e) {
    exit('The IP address supplied is invalid!');

$companyNetwork = IPv4::factory('');
if (!$ip->inRange($companyNetwork, 25)) {
    throw new \Exception('Request not from a known company IP address.');

// Is it coming from the local network?
if (!$ip->isPrivateUse()) {
    record_visit($ip->getBinary(), $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']);


Please see the separate license file included in this repository for a full copy of the MIT license, which this project is licensed under.


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