OpenApi or Swagger integration to Lumen

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Swagger 2.0-3.0 for Lumen

This package is a wrapper of Swagger-php and swagger-ui adapted to work with Lumen.


  • Open your bootstrap/app.php file and:

uncomment this line (around line 26) in Create The Application section:


add this line before Register Container Bindings section:


add this line in Register Service Providers section:

  • Run php artisan swagger-lume:publish-config to publish configs (config/swagger-lume.php)
  • Make configuration changes if needed
  • Run php artisan swagger-lume:publish to publish everything

Using OpenApi 3.0 Specification

If you would like to use latest OpenApi specifications (originally known as the Swagger Specification) in your project you should:

  • Explicitly require swagger-php version 3.* in your projects composer by running:
composer require 'zircote/swagger-php:3.*'
  • Set environment variable SWAGGER_VERSION to 3.0 in your .env file:

or in your config/l5-swagger.php:

'swagger_version' => env('SWAGGER_VERSION', '3.0'),


  • Run php artisan swagger-lume:publish-config to publish configs (config/swagger-lume.php)
  • Run php artisan swagger-lume:publish-views to publish views (resources/views/vendor/swagger-lume)
  • Run php artisan swagger-lume:publish to publish everything
  • Run php artisan swagger-lume:generate to generate docs

Changes in 3.0

Changes in 2.0

  • Lumen 5.4 support
  • Swagger UI 2.2.8

Migrate from 2.0 to 3.0 or 5.5

  • Remove config/swagger-lume.php file (make a copy if needed)
  • Remove public/vendor/swagger-lume directory
  • Remove resources/views/vendor/swagger-lume directory
  • Run swagger-lume:publish to publish new swagger-ui view and configuration
  • Edit your config/swagger-lume.php file


The actual Swagger spec is beyond the scope of this package. All SwaggerLume does is package up swagger-php and swagger-ui in a Laravel-friendly fashion, and tries to make it easy to serve. For info on how to use swagger-php look here. For good examples of swagger-php in action look here.

Important: Make sure that you add the include statement on all pages with annotations!

use OpenApi\Annotations as OA;

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