Manage taxonomy

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1.0.6 2018-11-11 15:22 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-19 05:34:23 UTC


Simple module that help you to manage your taxonomy (category)


Module Download

Using AsgardCMS's module download command:

php artisan asgard:download:module daothanh/taxonomy --migrations

This will download the module, run its migrations.


composer require daothanh/taxonomy
php artisan module:migrate Taxonomy

Add Routes

Go to reosources/assets/js/app.js

  • Import Routes: import TaxonomyRoutes from '../../../Modules/Taxonomy/Assets/js/TaxonomyRoutes';
  • Add TaxonomyRoutes to router: ...TaxonomyRoutes,
  • Build webpack by npm run dev

Add the category to form

To show the category box in your form . You must use the TermsBox (a vuejs component) or taxonomyChooseTerms directive (with blade)


Example for page form:

<TermsBox vocabularyId="1" entity="Modules\Page\Entities\Page"/>
import TermsBox from '../../../../Taxonomy/Assets/js/components/TermsBox';`
export default {
        components: {TermsBox}