This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

VAT library for Laravel

2.0.7 2022-05-06 13:57 UTC

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Last update: 2022-10-20 14:54:10 UTC


HEADS UP I suggest using ibericode/vat directly until #22 is tackled. Working with Laravel is not on my priority list so it would require someone else to send in a PR.

Laravel VAT

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See ibericode/vat-bundle for a Symfony version of this package.

laravel-vat is a package that contains the Laravel related wiring code for ibericode/vat, helping you deal with VAT legislation for businesses based in the EU.

  • Fetch (historical) VAT rates for any EU member state using ibericode/vat-rates.
  • Validate VAT numbers (by format, existence or both)
  • Validate ISO-3316 alpha-2 country codes
  • Determine whether a country is part of the EU
  • Geolocate IP addresses


You can install this package via Composer:

composer require dannyvankooten/laravel-vat

The package will automatically register itself.


Check out the ibericode/vat README for general usage of this package.


You can use facades to retrieve an instance of the classes provided by ibericode/vat.

use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Rates;
use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Validator;
use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Facades\Countries;

// Get current standard VAT rate for a country
Rates::country('NL'); // 21.00

// Get reduced VAT rate
Rates::country('NL', 'reduced'); // 6.00

// Get reduced VAT rate on a given Date
Rates::country('NL', 'reduced', new \DateTime('2005-01-01')); // 19.00

// Get an array of rates in country code => rates format

// Validate a VAT number by both format and existence
Validator::validate('NL50123'); // false

// Validate VAT number by format only
Validator::validateFormat('NL203458239B01'); // true

// Validate VAT number by existence (uses a remote HTTP service)
Validator::validateExistence('NL203458239B01') // false

// Get array of ISO-3316 country codes and country names
Countries::all(); // array of country codes + names

// Get name of country by ISO-3316 code
Countries::name('NL') // Netherlands

// Get array of EU country codes + names
Countries::europe(); // array of EU country codes + names

// Check if ISO-3316 code is in EU
Countries::inEurope('NL'); // true

// Get ISO-3316 code by IP address geo-location
Countries::ip(''); // US

By default, VAT rates are cached for 24 hours using the default cache driver.


The package registers two new validation rules.


The field under validation must be a valid and existing VAT number.


The field under validation must be a valid ISO-3316 alpha-2 country code.

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class Controller {

    public function foo(Request $request)
            'vat_number_field' => ['vat_number'],
            'country_code_field' => [ 'country_code' ],

Alternatively, you can also use the Rule objects directly.

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use DvK\Laravel\Vat\Rules;

class Controller {

    public function foo(Request $request)
            'vat_number_field' => [ new Rules\VatNumber() ],
            'country_code_field' => [ new Rules\Country() ],


You can translate the validation error message by Using Translation Strings As Keys for the following strings:


    "The :attribute must be a valid VAT number.": "Your translation for the VatNumber Rule",
    "The :attribute must be a valid country.": "Your translation for the Country Rule"


MIT licensed.