Facebook Token Request Grant for Laravel Passport

2.1 2018-08-25 16:09 UTC


Provides a new Laravel Passport Grant Client named facebook_login, allowing you to log a user in with just their Facebook Login token.

A new user will be created (and optionally assigned to an role - $user->attachRole(ID)) if the email address doesn't exist.


Install with composer composer require danjdewhurst/laravel-passport-facebook-login. Use major version 1 for Passport 4 and below Laravel 5.6 compatibility.


  • Laravel 5.7, with Passport 5, 6 or 7.



  • Add Danjdewhurst\PassportFacebookLogin\FacebookLoginGrantProvider::class to your list of providers after Laravel\Passport\PassportServiceProvider.
  • Add Danjdewhurst\PassportFacebookLogin\FacebookLoginTrait Trait to your User model (or whatever model you have configured to work with Passport).
  • Run php artisan vendor:publish, this will create a config/facebook.php file.
  • Enter your Facebook App details in your .env file: FACEBOOK_APP_ID and FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET.
  • Optional: To automatically attach a role (https://github.com/Zizaco/entrust) to new users, use the 'ATTACH_ROLE' env setting.


    | Application
    | The facebook ID and secret from the developer's page

    'app' => [
        'id' => env('FACEBOOK_APP_ID'),
        'secret' => env('FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET'),

    | Registration Fields
    | The name of the fields on the user model that need to be updated,
    | if null, they shall not be updated. (valid for name, first_name, last_name)

    'registration' => [
        'facebook_id' => env('FACEBOOK_ID_COLUMN', 'facebook_id'),
        'email'       => env('EMAIL_COLUMN', 'email'),
        'password'    => env('PASSWORD_COLUMN', 'password'),
        'first_name'  => env('FIRST_NAME_COLUMN', 'first_name'),
        'last_name'   => env('LAST_NAME_COLUMN', 'last_name'),
        'name'        => env('NAME_COLUMN', 'name'),
        'attach_role' => env('ATTACH_ROLE', null),

How To Use:

  • Make a POST request to https://your-site.com/oauth/token.
  • The POST body should contain
    1. grant_type = facebook_login
    2. fb_token = {token from facebook login}.
    3. client_id
    4. client_secret
  • An access_token and refresh_token will be returned if successful.


  • Your User model has the folowing fields:
    • facebook_id
    • name or first_name & last_name
    • email
    • password

Why not use Laravel 5.5's auto-discovery?

We have found that using auto discovery can cause issues as this package relies on Laravel Passport been loaded before this package. Sometimes this doesn't happen, and caused issues as Laravel Passport sets up a singleton we reference.

We hope that one day there will be a fix to Laravel auto-discovery that will allow for dependencies to be handled better.