Markup testing for WordPress using jQuery-style selectors.

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Markup testing for WordPress using jQuery-style selectors. Uses PHPUnit, the WordPress Unit Test Suite, QueryPath, and HTML5-PHP.

It's unholy, but it works.


These instructions presuppose you're already using PHPUnit and the WordPress Unit Test Suite with your project. If you do, you can:

  1. Require Unholy using Composer: composer require danielbachhuber/unholy
  2. Install dependencies using Composer: composer install
  3. Load Unholy into your test suite by appending require dirname( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . '/vendor/autoload.php'; to the end of your bootstrap.php.


The Unholy_Testcase class extends the WP_UnitTestcase class. Update your project's test classes to extend Unholy_Testcase.

Extending the Unholy_Testcase class exposes two helper methods: get_permalink_as_dom() and get_feed_as_dom(). These can be used to get a DOMDocument-esque object representing the view. Then, use the qp() function to navigate the object using jQuery-style selectors.

As an example, here is how you might test the Twenty Fifteen theme for the site title and description in the header:


class Test_TwentyFifteen_Theme extends Unholy_Testcase {

	public function test_header() {
		update_option( 'blogname', 'Unholy Site Title' );
		update_option( 'blogdescription', 'Unholy Site Description' );
		$dom = $this->get_permalink_as_dom( '/' );
		$this->assertEquals( 'Unholy Site Title', qp( $dom, '#masthead .site-title' )->text() );
		$this->assertEquals( 'Unholy Site Description', qp( $dom, '#masthead .site-description' )->text() );


And here is how you might test your RSS feed for a post:


class Test_RSS_Feed extends Unholy_Testcase {

	public function test_rss_feed_loads_post() {
		$user_id = $this->factory->user->create( array( 'display_name' => 'Unholy Author' ) );
		$this->factory->post->create( array( 'post_title' => 'Unholy Post Title', 'post_author' => $user_id ) );
		$dom = $this->get_feed_as_dom( '/feed/' );
		$this->assertEquals( 'Unholy Post Title', qp( $dom, 'channel item title' )->eq(0)->text() );
		$this->assertEquals( 'Unholy Author', qp( $dom, 'channel item dc|creator')->eq(0)->text() );