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A safer way of running Imagick/ImageMagick


This container uses Supervisor to run some background workers that will process images for you.

This should make Imagick be a lot safer to use as:

  • It avoids leaving open web requests for a long time.

  • It means that any exploit that exists can't access most of your system.

This project is currently a 'proof-of-concept'. It needs quite a bit of work to be made production ready. Issues are here: https://github.com/Danack/ImagickContained/issues

Adding to docker compose

Add something like this to your docker-compose file.

    build: vendor/danack/imagick_contained
      - ./images/input:/var/app/images/input
      - ./images/output:/var/app/images/output
      - ./lib:/var/app/lib
      - ./vendor:/var/app/vendor

Tell your app how to create RedisImagickTaskQueue

function createRedisImagickTaskQueue()
    $host = 'imagick_contained';
    $port = 6379;

    $redis = new \Redis();
    $redis->connect($host, $port);

    return new \ImagickContained\RedisImagickTaskQueue($redis);

Rather than calling Imagick directly, push the work onto a queue, then check if the work is done:

    public function getQueuedImage(ImagickTaskQueue $imagickTaskQueue)
        $number = random_int(1000000, 10000000);
        $filename = __DIR__ . "/../../../images/output/ImagickTest_$number.png";

        if (file_exists($filename) === true) {
            return new ImageResponse($filename, ImageResponse::TYPE_PNG);

        $task = ImagickTask::create(


        // wait for up to 1 second for the image to process
        for ($i=0; $i<200; $i++) {
            if ($imagickTaskQueue->isTaskStatusSuccess($task) === true) {
                return new ImageResponse($filename, ImageResponse::TYPE_PNG);

        return new NotFoundResponse("Image still being processed");