PHP wrapper for the Teamwork project management API

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This is an extended fork of the great Teamwork API Bridge package by Rossedman, with additional methods for fetching Teamwork data.


Require the library:

$ composer require damienpirsy/teamwork ~1.0

Laravel Setup

This wrapper comes with support for Laravel 5. This includes a service provider as well as a facade for easy access. Once this package is pulled into your project just add this to your config/app.php file.

'providers' => [

and add the facade to your aliases array

'aliases' => [
    'Teamwork' => Damienpirsy\Teamwork\Facades\Teamwork::class,


If you are using Laravel then add a teamwork array to your config/services.php file

'teamwork' => [
    'key'  => 'YourSecretKey',
    'url'  => 'YourTeamworkUrl'

Configuration Without Laravel

If you are not using Laravel just load this classes and you're ready.

require "vendor/autoload.php";

use GuzzleHttp\Client as Guzzle;
use Damienpirsy\Teamwork\Client;
use Damienpirsy\Teamwork\Factory as Teamwork;

$client     = new Client(new Guzzle, 'YourSecretKey', 'YourTeamworkUrl');
$teamwork   = new Teamwork($client);


Please refer to the project website for the full package documentation and usage examples.