Drupal database driver for MongoDB




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This project is still in full development and is not ready to be used in production!

This project is designed to work together with the Drumongous project (https://gitlab.com/daffie/drumongous). The Drumongous project is the Drupal core project with a patch file that makes the necessary changes to make it all work.


  • The MongoDB database version 3.6 or higher.
  • The PHP-extension for MongoDB version 1.5 or higher.


If you want to try out this software then run the following commands:

composer create-project daffie/drumongous:8.x-dev my_site_name_dir
cd my_site_dir
composer install

Key points to remember when working with Drupal on MongoDB:

  • This project needs the PHP-extension for MongoDB version 1.5.
  • The driver stores all content entity data per entity instance in a single document. All entity data includes all revisional data, all translatable data and all field data. All entity data is stored per entity instance in a single document in a collection. The single document in a collection in MongoDB is in a single row in a table for relational databases.
  • The Drupal Database API is supported and the PDO statement interface is implemented.
  • The Drupal Entity API is supported.
  • The Drupal Entity Search API is supported, with the exception of the relationship part.
  • The Drupal Views module is supported. Some things work a little bit different, because the underlying table structure is different. Also some date conversion options are not supported by MongoDB.
  • MongoDB does not support SQL. It has its own query language. In SQL everything is written as a string. You can mix the char "4" and the integer 4 without any problems. With MongoDB you cannot do this. Also all methods in Drupal's database abstraction layer that takes SQL strings as input are not supported. (like db_query() and db_select->where())
  • This project stores data in the by MongoDB prefered BSON-types (See: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/bson-types/). This is different from the Drupal project choices:
DateIntegerUTCDateTime object (in milliseconds)
NumericDecimalDecimal128 object