Translations menu replacement, field and section for Kirby 3

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0.2.5-beta 2023-01-13 11:09 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-19 17:00:55 UTC


Beta: This plugin started as a port of k2-translations to Kirby 3. Please note that the much loved "saved" state of a field is not yet implemented. For now, the plugin provides revert and delete functions for translations, and replaces the native Kirby languages menu by a more advanced one, indicating the translation status of each language.

License Kirby

This plugin enhances the translation handling of content pages for Kirby 3. By default, it replaces the original language switch by an enhanced one; but you can also use it as a section (and in the future as a field to indicate the translation status).

  • The language menu explicitly shows if the translation exists:
    • RED: The translated .txt-file doesn't exist, the content is not translated in this language.
    • GREEN: The translated .txt-file exists, the content is translated in this language.
  • All languages are always visible, for faster switching between translations.
  • For all non-default languages you can:
    • Delete a translation content file (without deleting the whole page).
    • Resynchronise translations with the default language file (revert).

Kirby 3 Translations plugin screenshot


This plugin works with Fiber, so you probably need Kirby 3.6.

Although, there are is a chance that it works on versions below. (if so, please report back!)



Download this repository, extract it and drop it into the plugins folder of your Kirby installation.



If you are using Composer, you can install the plugin with

composer require daandelange/k3-translations:~0.x.x-beta

Note: While k3-translations is still alpha, there is no stable channel for composer, so you need to specify the unstable version.

Git submodule

git submodule add https://github.com/daandelange/k3-translations.git site/plugins/translations


Replacing Kirby's native language menu

Within your website project, you can customise the language switching menu in the header by setting the following options:

// Site /site/config/config.php
return [
  'daandelange.translations' => [
    'header' => [
      'replaceKirbyLanguages' => false, // To disable replacing the native lang menu. Default = true.
      'compactMode' => true, // To enable a more compact mode. Default = false. (alpha! only affects fields/sections)
      'deletable' => false, // To disallow deleting a language. Default = true.
      'revertable' => false, // To disallow reverting a language. Default = true.
      'showEditLanguage' => false, // To hide the menu link to the panel language. Default = true.

Translations Section

Add the following section to your blueprint(s). (optional)

    type: translations

Advanced usage

  • $page->isTranslated(string|bool|array $langCode = false)
    Returns if a page content translation is available.
    $langCode :
    • false: For the current language
    • true : For all languages.
    • 'fr' : For a specific language.
    • ['fr', 'en'] : For specific languages.


The following options are available for any translations section or field:

  • Disallow deleting content translations:
    deletable: false # default = true
  • Disallow reverting a translation to the default language:
    revertable: false # default = true
  • Use a more compact layout:
    compactmode: true # default = false
  • Set a custom label:
    label: Labelized! # default = [empty]
  • Hide the "Edit language in panel" menu item:
    showEditLanguage: false # default = true


This plugin follows the standard Kirby PluginKit structure, see their plugin guide for more details on using it. These steps are optional, for building development versions.

If you're using a modified Kirby folder structure, you probably have to fix the relative path to the kirby folder in kirbyup.config.ts (in the alias section).

  • Npm requirements (optional) : npm install -g kirbyup
  • Setup : cd /path/to/website/site/plugins/translations && npm install
  • While developing : npm run dev
  • Compile a production build : npm run build
  • Update dependencies : npm update
  • Composer install & update : composer update



Commercial Usage

This plugin is free but if you use it in a commercial project please consider to contribute an improvement, or hire someone to do so.

Alternatives / Similar


This is a Kirby 3 port of @Flokosiol's kirby-translations (which is for Kirby 2); thanks to him for initiating this plugin ! :)
Special thanks to all contributors as well as the original kirby2-translations contributors !