Simple php toolbox for not to reinvent the wheel!

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Simple php toolbox for not to reinvent the wheel!

Why this library ?

Every day, we write the same functions for our different projects.
This library contains a multiple functions so as not to have to write them each time.

It also brings some advantages:

  • All functions is tested by phpunit
  • The functions are organized in a structured way in special classes.
    You can use a single class with a simple new classOne() or access the different class by a main class (useful for declaring as a service in a framework)
  • A documentation with phpdoc


  • php 7.3 or higher, if you use a lower version see


Download whith composer :

composer require cyberomulus/php-toolbox:1.2.*

How to use ?

By single class

For use a single class, you can simply create an instance to use it.

For example, use the functions of manipulation and verification of texts:

$textManip = new Cyberomulus\PhpToolbox\Text();
$bool = $textManip->startWith("simple example", "example");

By main class (for use by service)

If you use a framework, a good practice is to declare this lib as a service.
In order not to have to declare as many services as class, a class provider exists: Cyberomulus\PhpToolbox\PhpToolbox\.

Once the service is created, you will have access to each class containing the functions:

$textManip = $this->getService("phpToolBox")->getText();
$bool = $textManip->startWith("simple example", "example");

If you use Symfony >4.0 you can use the bundle cyberomulus/phpToolboxBundle for inject this class in a service.

Class list

  • PhpToolbox : This class contains a getter for each of the individual classes. If you want to use this lib as a framework service, you can declare this class to use a single service
  • Text : This class contains useful functions for manipulating and verifying text
  • IO : This class contains useful functions for read and write (on filesystem, console, network)
  • Datetime : This class contains useful functions for manipulate date, time and timezone


All functions have a phpdoc and doc inline.

Want more ?

You just have to ask

You can request a new function in issue


Your pull requests are welcome!!
Sharing is the strength of this lib.

Please read branches schema and simply:

  • fork from master
  • create pull request to master


  • Cyberomulus


This library is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.