Make Laravel Eloquent models reactable with any type of emotions in a minutes!

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Laravel Love is emotional part of the application. It let people express how they feel about the content. Make any model reactable in a minutes!

There are many different implementations in modern applications:

  • Github Reactions
  • Facebook Reactions
  • YouTube Likes
  • Slack Reactions
  • Reddit Votes
  • Medium Claps

This package developed in mind that it should cover all the possible use cases and be viable in enterprise applications.

Official Documentation

Documentation can be found in Laravel Love Guide.


Pull in the package through Composer.

$ composer require cybercog/laravel-love

Run database migrations.

$ php artisan migrate


Please see UPGRADING for detailed upgrade instructions.


You're free to use this package, but if it makes it to your production environment we highly appreciate you sending us a postcard from your hometown, mentioning which of our package(s) you are using.

Our address is: Anton Komarev, Mitinskaya st., 52-405, 125430 Moscow, Russia.


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