Laravel Eloquent boolean & timestamp flagged attributes behavior.

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Eloquent boolean & timestamp flagged attributes behavior. Enhance Eloquent Models with commonly used state flags like Active, Published, Approved and others in a minutes!



Available flags list

Trait name Logic Database column Flag type Conflict
HasAcceptedAt Classic accepted_at Timestamp HasAcceptedFlag
HasAcceptedFlag Classic is_accepted Boolean HasAcceptedAt
HasActiveFlag Classic is_active Boolean -
HasApprovedAt Classic approved_at Timestamp HasApprovedFlag
HasApprovedFlag Classic is_approved Boolean HasApprovedAt
HasArchivedAt Inverse archived_at Timestamp HasArchivedFlag
HasArchivedFlag Inverse is_archived Boolean HasArchivedAt
HasClosedAt Inverse closed_at Timestamp HasClosedFlag
HasClosedFlag Inverse is_closed Boolean HasClosedAt
HasDraftedAt Inverse drafted_at Timestamp HasDraftedFlag
HasDraftedFlag Inverse is_drafted Boolean HasDraftedAt
HasEndedAt Inverse ended_at Timestamp HasEndedFlag
HasEndedFlag Inverse is_ended Boolean HasEndedAt
HasExpiredAt Inverse expired_at Timestamp HasExpiredFlag
HasExpiredFlag Inverse is_expired Boolean HasExpiredAt
HasInvitedAt Classic invited_at Timestamp HasInvitedFlag
HasInvitedFlag Classic is_invited Boolean HasInvitedAt
HasKeptFlag Classic is_kept Boolean -
HasPublishedAt Classic published_at Timestamp HasPublishedFlag
HasPublishedFlag Classic is_published Boolean HasPublishedAt
HasVerifiedAt Classic verified_at Timestamp HasVerifiedFlag
HasVerifiedFlag Classic is_verified Boolean HasVerifiedAt

Any entity can has more than one flag at the same time. If flags can't work for the same entity simultaneously they are listed in Conflict column.

How it works

Eloquent Flag is an easy way to add flagged attributes to eloquent models. All flags has their own trait which adds global scopes to desired entity.

There are 2 types of flags:

  • Boolean flags are the common ones. Stored in database as BOOLEAN or TINYINT(1) value.
  • Timestamp flags represented in database as nullable TIMESTAMP column. Useful when you need to know when action was performed.

All flags separated on 2 logical groups:

  • Classic flags displays only entities with true or timestamp flag value by default.
  • Inverse flags displays only entities with false or null flag value by default.

Omitted entities could be retrieved by using special global scope methods, unique for each flag.

Example: If your Article model has PublishedAt flag then Article::get() will return you only published records. When you need to get only unpublished records you could call Article::onlyUnpublished()->get() and Article::withUnpublished()->get() will return you published and unpublished articles as well.

Helper traits will automatically cast flag attributes to a DateTime / Carbon instance or bool for you.


Pull in the package through Composer.

composer require cybercog/laravel-eloquent-flag


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