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This plugin enables multi-site support for Croogo (Original statement by the original author "rchavik"). This is an alternative version with a simpler and more comfortable GUI, some bugfixes and the possibility to choose a default site on your own. The default site represents the site that is going to be rendered in case there is no valid domain/subdomain/whatever specified.

On activation the database is automatically created and a default site is set up. Enjoy!


  1. Setup a new datasource named sites in croogo database configuration.

    You can use the same physical database as croogo, but sites datasource needs to be present since all plugin models will use this.



			var $default = array(
				'driver' => 'mysql',
				'database' => 'croogo',

			var $sites = array(
				'driver' => 'mysql',
				'database' => 'croogo',
  1. Activate the plugin

    Don't forget to cross your fingers.

Link in a multisite environment

The default menu helper generate menu link using a relative url. For some items, you would need to have an absolute url in the link. To achieve this, select the site that applies to the Link and set absolute=1 in the link's params field.

Canonical Url

You can use SitesHelper::canonical() to output a canonical url in your layout.

Known Bugs

At the moment, there are no known bugs. Feel free to fork or to notify.


Croogo (tested on 1.5) -

Good luck and have fun. -- rchavik (& bumuckl)