A WHMCS Module for simplifying auto setup of Wordpress, Joomla and Laravel(Kazist) Websites.

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Cunify offers you a simple way to create, develop, and publish your website. With our site builder you can create a professional website in minutes. You don't need technical expertise and our service team is here for you if you get stuck.

1 - Choose your domain

What's in a name? That's up to you. Establish your web identity today and secure your spot on the Internet.

Your URL is important, so choose the right domain for your site.

2 - Build your website your way

Your website is unique, so you'll need customised layouts, images and text to make it stand out.

It's a simple process that requires no technical expertise: there's no jargon, downloads or programming. Just add individual touches until your webpage looks the way you want it.

3 - Publish

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your website, we can publish it for you.

It just takes a few clicks to go live and publish your website, making your content available to potential customers and colleagues all over the world.

Once your website is live, it's time for marketing:

The benefits of using WebStarter don't stop once you have created and published your website. We provide you with the right tools for making your business a successful one.

  • Interaction with your audience through contact forms, surveys and more
  • SEO features for better search engine performance
  • Integrated partner offers for bookings, pictures and more
  • Web analytics to check the progress and success of your website

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