Adds a filesystem cache option

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1.0.0 2013-10-05 17:55 UTC


This is a Symfony 2 Bundle that adds a filesystem cache.

Installing via Composer

    "require": {
        "ctors/filesystem-cache-bundle": "dev-master"

Using and Setting Up


public function registerBundles() {
    $bundles = array(
        new Ctors\FilesystemCacheBundle\CtorsFilesystemCacheBundle(),

Service usage

The cache service's name is ctors.cache. You can alias it in your project's config.yml:

        alias: ctors.cache

The cache implements the Doctrine CacheProvider interface. Simple usage example:

/** @var \Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider $cache */
$cache = $this->get('cache');

if ($cache->contains($searchKey)) {
    $value = unserialize($cache->fetch($searchKey));
} else {
    $value = new SomeValue();
    $cache->save($searchKey, serialize($value));

Command usage

There is a command that prints the cache usage:

$ app/console ctors:filesystemcache:stats 
Filesystem cache statistics (05/10/2013 15:07:09)
  - number of objects 3
  - disk usage 28K

You can also watch the cache, it will update any time a resource is added or removed:

$ app/console ctors:filesystemcache:stats -w
Filesystem cache statistics (05/10/2013 15:07:11)
  - number of objects 3
  - disk usage 28K
Filesystem cache statistics (05/10/2013 15:07:18)
  - number of objects 4
  - disk usage 44K
Filesystem cache statistics (05/10/2013 15:07:22)
  - number of objects 5
  - disk usage 48K


I added a CacheWarmer and CacheClearer listener. At the moment they just make sure the cache directory exists (warmer) and is removed (clearer). You could extend these to for example mount a tmpfs on the cache directory. It's just an idea.