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Simple PHP package to parse Hydrodaten (FOEN/BAFU) Open Data strings.

Disclaimer: This library is not official and not affiliated with FOEN/BAFU.

Created for usage on api.existenz.ch and indirectly on Aare.guru. As of 2020 in productive use.


FOEN/BAFU (Swiss Federal Office for the Environment / Bundesamt für Umwelt der Schweiz) offers a selection of their Hydrological data data on the opendata.swiss portal.

One of the data formats is an XML file with the current & yesterdays water temperature, flow amount and surface height.

Not every stations measures every parameter. Not every stations reports its data at the same time.

Periodicity: 10 minutes. Timezone: Europe/Zurich.

Licencing restrictions apply by FOEN/BAFU. See the Open Data download for information. FOEN/BAFU requires that all usage of the data always labels the FOEN/BAFU as source.

Getting the data

  1. Contact the Abfragezentrale and ask for access to the file hydroweb.xml.
  2. You should get a username and password for the endpoint https://www.hydrodata.ch/data/xml/hydroweb.xml.

Data format

XML file with associated XSD schema containing a list of river measurement stations and their different parameters.

Note that this parser is only interested in the absolute measurement values (Current and 24h old). It ignores max/min/mean values.

The parse also ignores the variant attribute of the parameters.

Both data and metadata is in the same XML. Encoding is UTF-8.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<locations xmlns:schemaLocation="http://www.hydrodaten.admin.ch/lhg/az/xml/hydroweb.xsd" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" export-time="2020-07-11T14:55:36" timezone="GMT+2">
 <station number="2004" name="Murten" water-body-name="Murtensee" water-body-type="lake" easting="575500" northing="197790">
  <parameter type="2" variant="0" name="Pegel m ü. M." unit="m ü. M.">
   <value warn-level-class="1">429.44</value>
   <max-24h warn-level-class="1">429.45</max-24h>




composer require cstuder/parse-hydrodaten

Example usage



$context = stream_context_create(['http' => ['header' => 'Authorization: Basic ' . base64_encode("{$username}:{$password}")]]);
$raw = file_get_contents('https://www.hydrodata.ch/data/xml/hydroweb.xml', NULL, $context);

$data = \cstuder\ParseHydrodaten\DataParser::parse($raw);



The parser is intentionally limited: It parses the given string and returns all absolute values which look valid. It silently skips over any value it doesn't understand.

Values are converted to float. Missing values are not returned, the values will never be null.

DataParser::parse(string $raw)

Parses a Hydroweb XML string.

Returns an array of StdClass objects with the keys timestamp, location, parameter, value.

LegacyDataParser::parse(string $raw)

Parses a legacy Hydroweb XML string from the older SMS.xml file, found at https://www.hydrodata.ch/data/xml/SMS.xml

Returns an array of StdClass objects with the keys timestamp, location, parameter, value.

MetadataParser::parse(string $raw)

Parses a Hydroweb XML string.

Returns two fields: locations and parameters, both containing arrays of StdClass objects with fields such as location coordinates or parameter units.


Run composer test to execute the PHPUnit test suite.


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Christian Studer cstuder@existenz.ch, Bureau für digitale Existenz.