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Inflector - Inflector library

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Inflector is a small library that can perform string transformation like singularization, pluralization, underscore to camel case, titelize words and more. Inflections can be localized.

The Inflector class is prepopulated with english inflections for singularization and pluralization to be ready to use.


Examples of usage of the inflector with the 'default' locale (i.e english):

use Lead\Inflector\Inflector;

# pluralize

Inflector::pluralize('post');                       // "posts"
Inflector::pluralize('posts');                      // "posts"
Inflector::pluralize('child');                      // "children"
Inflector::pluralize('ContactPerson');              // "ContactPeople"

# singularize

Inflector::singularize('posts');                    // "post"
Inflector::singularize('children');                 // "child"
Inflector::singularize('ContactPeople');            // "ContactPerson"

# transliterate

Inflector::transliterate('の話が出たので大丈夫かなあと'); // "no huaga chutanode da zhang fukanaato"

# slug

Inflector::slug('Foo:Bar & Cie');                   // "Foo-Bar-Cie"
Inflector::slug('Foo:Bar & Cie', '_');              // "Foo_Bar_Cie"

# parameterize

Inflector::parameterize('Foo:Bar & Cie');           // "foo-bar-cie"
Inflector::parameterize('Foo:Bar & Cie', '_');      // "foo_bar_cie"

# camelize

Inflector::camelize('test_field');                  // "TestField"
Inflector::camelize('TEST_FIELD');                  // "TestField"
Inflector::camelize('my_name\space');               // "MyName\Space"

# camelback

Inflector::camelback('test_field');                 // "testField"
Inflector::camelback('TEST_FIELD');                 // "testField"

# underscore

Inflector::underscore('TestField');                 // "test_field"
Inflector::underscore('MyName\Space');              // "my_name\space"
Inflector::underscore('dashed-string');             // "dashed_string"

# dasherize

Inflector::dasherize('underscored_string');         // "underscored_string"

# humanize

Inflector::humanize('employee_salary');             // "Employee salary"
Inflector::humanize('author_id');                   // "Author"

# titleize

Inflector::titleize('man from the boondocks');      // "Man From The Boondocks"
Inflector::titleize('x-men: the last stand');       // "X Men: The Last Stand"
Inflector::titleize('TheManWithoutAPast');          // "The Man Without A Past"
Inflector::titleize('raiders_of_the_lost_ark');     // "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

#### Examples of usage of custom locales:

namespace inflector\Inflector;

Inflector::pluralize('child');                       // "children"

//Load custom definition for `'zz'` locale using a closure
Inflector::singular('/x$/i', '', 'zz');
Inflector::plural('/([^x])$/i', '\1x', 'zz');

Inflector::singularize('abcdefx', 'zz');             // "abcdef"
Inflector::pluralize('abcdef', 'zz');                // "abcdefx"

If you wan't to use an other language by default for inflections, you can override the 'default' rules directly.

Inflector::reset(true); // Remove all loaded inflection rules.

Inflector::singular('/x$/i', '', 'default');
Inflector::plural('/([^x])$/i', '\1x', 'default');

Inflector::singularize('abcdefx');             // "abcdef"
Inflector::pluralize('abcdef');                // "abcdefx"

Note: you can check spec/fixture for some examples of inflection rules for spanish and french languages.


Requires PHP >= 5.4 and the PECL intl extension.

sudo apt-get install php-intl

Installation with Composer

The recommended way to install this package is through Composer. Create a composer.json file and run composer install command to install it:

		"crysalead/inflector": "~1.0"


The spec suite can be runned with:

cd inflector
composer install

PS: Composer need to be present on your system.


Most of the code and documentation was adapted from Ruby On Rails's Inflector.