A Laravel package for annotation-powered actions.

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This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-06-16 03:39:18 UTC


Annotated Action Controllers

Annotaction enables you to create and use single-action controllers (Actions) that utilize Annotations to define their corresponding Route.


use Cryode\Annotaction\Annotation\Route;

 * @Route("/blog/post/{postId}", middleware="web", name="")
final class ViewBlogPost
    public function __invoke($postId)
        // ...


  • Single-purpose controllers (Actions) help keep your code organized, slim, and can help with performance.
  • Route definition in the Action file keeps concerns together - no guessing what URI a controller has
  • No performance hit when using route caching


Requirements: PHP 7.1+

Annotaction installs via Composer.

composer require cryode/annotaction

Laravel's package discovery should automatically load the service provider after installation. If you have disabled auto-discovery, add the service provider to your app manually:


Optional for PhpStorm users, the PHP Annotations plugin is very useful.


Run the publish command to add the configuration file to your application (optional, if you'd like to change the default values):

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Cryode\Annotaction\AnnotactionServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Configuration Options

  • action_dir | string | Default: /app/Http/Actions
    The directory where your Actions live and are generated.

  • default_middleware | array[string] | Default: ['web']
    The default middleware Annotation value when generating an Action via Artisan.

  • api_middleware | array[string] | Default: ['api']
    The default middleware Annotation value when generating an Action via Artisan with the --api flag.

  • generate_strict_types | bool | Default: true
    Flag to place define(strict_types=1) in generated Action files.

Create Actions via Artisan

Annotaction comes with the Artisan command make:action to help generate Action files.

Simple usage: $ php artisan make:action MyActionName


--resource                 Flag to create collection of Resource Actions
--api                      Flag to specify Action(s) as meant for an API
--path[=PATH]              The route URI/path for the Action [default: "/"]
--name[=NAME]              The route Name for the Action
--method[=METHOD]          The HTTP Method for the Action
--middleware[=MIDDLEWARE]  The Route Middleware for the Action; default in config
--force                    Force recreation of Action if it already exists

The --api flag has two effects:

  1. The api_middleware config value will be used in the generated Annotation if no --middleware value is specified.
  2. If creating Resource actions via --resource, it will skip Create and Edit, since an API has no user interface.