Slug re-generator

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1.4.0 2024-06-06 16:29 UTC



  • Batch regeneration of page slugs CLI tool
  • Add an "URL path segment" field to overwrite the string that would be generated from the page title (supports b13/masi exclude while doing that)
  • Option to remove slash ("/") from being added to a slug segment for a page

Regenerates Slugs for a whole subtree of pages, optionally generate redirect for changed slugs.


Configure settings in Extension Configuration:

  • slash_remove (boolean): defaults to "1", if you want to remove slashes from page url slugs
  • enable_pathsegment (boolean): defaults to "1" to add a new field to the pages module where you can overwrite the URL segment for this page (like RealURL used to have)
  • pages_slugfields (string): comma separated list of fields to consider when creating the slug for a page (defaults to tx_cronsluggy_pathsegment,title).


bin/typo3cms sluggy:regenerate [-d|--dry-mode] [-r|--redirects [REDIRECTS]] [--] <root-page>

  -d, --dry-mode               do not change anything
  -r, --redirects[=REDIRECTS]  create redirects for changed slugs with this TTL in days
                                • [default: 30]


New slugs for all pages starting at root page 420, and create redirects:

bin/typo3cms sluggy:regenerate -r -- 420

New slugs for all pages starting at root page 420, and create redirects which expire in 10 days:

bin/typo3cms sluggy:regenerate -r 10 -- 420

Just show slugs for pages starting at root page 420 which would be created

bin/typo3cms sluggy:regenerate --dry-mode -- 420