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Macros on steroids. The easiest way of generating code.

0.5.6 2013-10-28 01:17 UTC

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Last update: 2022-08-12 14:41:41 UTC


Artifex is a pre-processor for PHP. It aims to generate PHP code in a very simple and intuitive way.


Artifex syntax is heavily inspired by C preprocessors, but instead of starting with # (which is a comment in PHP), they starts with #*

#* $foo = $foo + 1

Artifex also support multiline in a convinient way.

# $foo = $foo + 2
# $bar = $foo + $foo->xxx();

In order to replace a value, it must be surrounded by __, for instance:

#* $foo = rand()
function getRandomOnce() {
  return __foo__;

#* $foo = {'foo': 'bar'}
function getArray() {
  return __@foo__;

The syntax is heavily inspired by PHP, although there are some differences:

  1. The semicolon is not needed (they are optional).
  2. Any string which is not assigned will be printed out. #* "hello there" is equal to #* print("hello there")
  3. Curly Brackets are not valid, instead there is a generic end token to tell where a block ends
  4. Variables that are prepend with a @ caracter means that we want to representate its value (same as calling var_exports).
  5. It supports json.


So far Artifex support foreach


class __foo__ {
  #* foreach(['foo', 'bar'] as $id => $name)
  function get__name__() {
    return "I'm a the getter of __id__ => __name__";
  #* end