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  • ZIP php extension ("ext-zip": "*")
  • JSON php extension ("ext-json": "*")


composer require crocodile2u/ecb-rates


$provider = new \ECBRates\ExchangeRateProvider($this->createRatesIterator());

// fetch latest available rates, either for today or (which is more likely) for yesterday
$latest = $provider->at(new \DateTime("now"));

// fetch latest rates excluding today, thus making sure that
// throughout of today we're operating with yesterday rates
$previous = $provider->atPreviousBusinessDay(new \DateTime("now"));

$historical = $provider->at(new \DateTime("2019-02-01"));

Methods at() and atPreviousBusinessDay() both return a RateSet object with the following methods:

  • date() - returns string representation of date (Y-m-d) for which this RateSet is valid
  • rate(string $symbol) - returns a float rate for $symbol or NULL if it's not found
  • has(string $symbol) - returns bool whether the rate for $symbol exists in this set
  • all() - returns all rates in this set as an associative array(string symbol => float rate)
  • count() - return int number of rates in this set