SMTP Email tester and debug for Laravel

v1.0.5 2019-07-12 09:46 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-12 13:48:18 UTC


Debugging send the email is never been easy. With this library you can debug and check your email smtp problem.

How to install

Install this library with command :

composer require crocodicstudio/email-tester

Recommended laravel version 5.7 up . If you use 5.4 or bellow you have to add service provider manually

crocodicstudio/emailtester/EmailTesterServiceProvider::class to config/app.php (Providers section)

How to use

Just visit the url /email-tester at the browser.

How to disable

To disable this email tester, you can add EMAIL_TESTER=false to your .env