This TYPO3 extension is an typo3-rector adapter with backend module to refactor sys_template.config data.

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v12.3.0 2024-06-25 11:49 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-25 11:50:38 UTC


TYPO3 Extension "DB Rector"


It is recommended to NOT run this extension in productive environments!


This extension must be installed via composer, e.g. composer req -dev creifenscheid/db-rector, to install typo3-rector and get it running. You can download it from the TYPO3 Extension Repository, but it still has to be installed via composer.

What does it do

This extension is an adapter to run typo3-rector in the TYPO3 backend to refactor typoscript stored in sys_template.config.


  • backend module to
    • view all typoscript stored in the db
    • run typo3-rector on single db entries
    • Review the result of the typo3-rector process (incl. diff view)
    • apply typo3-rector result to the corresponding sys_template record
    • roll back the original typoscript
  • security
    • backend module is only active in TYPO3 context „development“ by default


If the sys_template record has been adjusted after the rector process or the applying of the rector result, the corresponding rector model is going to be reset.
So the updated sys_template typoscript can be processed again.

Known working setups

  • DDEV (TYPO3 11, TYPO3 12)

Known not working setups

  • MacOS + MAMP


Extension configuration

Parameter Default Optional Description
ignoreTYPO3Context false yes If set to true, the context of the TYPO3 installation is going to be ignored - this is not recommended

Rector configuration

To configure typo3-rector a file named rector.php is required.
This file is generated more or less automatically.
There is some sort of „template“, which is copied into the working folder.

Since just typoscript refactoring is needed, the rector config file is kept small and simple.

The following configuration parameter are defined dynamically:

Parameter Value(s) Description
phpVersion The php version of the TYPO3 installation target version to support
sets 2 defined "UP_TO_TYPO3" sets
  • the previous TYPO3 version
  • the current TYPO3 version
Rule sets to run on the target code


I don't want your money or anything else. I am doing this for fun, with heart and to improve my coding skills. Constructive critisism is very welcome. If you want to contribute, feel free to do so. Thank you!