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A Magento 2 extension ecosystem providing UX/performance improvements and many new features.

This is a core metapackage which you should install in order to get MageSuite into your Magento 2 setup.


A small peek into to available features, this is by no means exaustive.

Short video presentation of the Content Constructor feature:


A demo installation showing the theme can be found here.

User guide

User guide of MageSuite features can be found here.


Some of extensions presented in User Guide are optional and not bundled in main MageSuite metapackage.

You might need to install them separately.

You can find list of all available extensions here.

We will prepare more readable list of available extensions with respective descriptions in 2021. It will be included in this README.

Magento versions

Magento version MageSuite package version List of potential breaking compatibility changes
2.3.0-2.3.1 ^2.0.0
2.3.2 ^3.0.0
2.3.3 ^4.0.0
2.3.4+ ^5.0.0
2.4.0+ ^7.0.0 here
2.4.2+ ^8.0.0 here
2.4.2+ ^9.0.0 here
2.4.3+ ^10.0.0 here


All of the packages require Magento 2.4.2+.

The whole ecosystem depends on elasticsuite and you need elasticsearch in order to use it.

All of the frontend features and improvements are implemented in theme-creativeshop. You won't be able to take advantage of them if you use Luma or other custom theme.

WARNING! We do not support "easy"/"zip" magento installations. Creativeshop supports only the Integrator / composer route.


TIP It's advised you either have Elasticsuite (version 2.10.x) already installed and running. If you don't then this package will install it and you must have elasticsearch up and running on localhost:9200 prior to executing the setup:upgrade or it will fail.

  • (optional) Install Magento if you don't have it yet
  • Execute composer require creativestyle/magesuite ^8.0.0
  • Execute bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Build the theme (next chapter)
  • Flush Magento cache
  • Switch the theme to Theme Creativeshop in admin

Building theme-creativeshop


theme-creativeshop from version 12 requires Node 14

MageSuite theme does not rely on Magento for building the assets, instead it uses gulp.

Before you start, make sure you have nodejs and yarn installed.

After the theme's composer package is installed to your Magento project, execute:

cd vendor/creativestyle/theme-creativeshop
yarn build

TIP If yarn command fails with guppy-pre-push: Command failed you need to run git init in the theme's directory as a workaround and retry yarn. A permanent solution is on the way.

It will install the build artifacts into app/design subfolder.

After the theme is built, clear your Magento cache and you should be able to select it in admin.

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